How to use LIBERO ITS

  1. Store LIBERO ITS in a controlled environment and activate it prior to the “Start before” date. Check Configuration Profile and press button before usage for 1 second.
    ⇒ LED blinks 2x orange (): Indicator is ready for use.
    ⇒ if LED blinks 1x orange () or LED does not blink (expiry date or lifetime exceeded): do not use indicator
  2. Break tab to start the LIBERO ITS and enclose it with the product
    ⇒ Green LED indicates start (3x3 times blinking )
    ⇒ Alarm activation delay may be indicated by green LED ( 3 times blinking every 30 seconds)
  3. During temperature monitoring, alarm status can be detected by pressing button for 1 second
    ⇒ Green LED (1x ) indicates OK status
    ⇒ Red LED (1x ) indicates ALARM status (irreversible)
    ⇒ ELPRO recommends to the customer to check the alarm status on a regular basis
    ⇒ A stopped indicator shows additionally an orange LED (1x - OK status / 1x - ALARM status)
  4. If configured, stop indicator by pressing button for 3 seconds
    ⇒ Green & Orange LED (3 times blinking ) indicates stop - OK status
    ⇒ Red & Orange LED (3 times blinking ) indicates stop - ALARM status