FAQ Software Performance & Data Handling

Get an overview of everything you need to know about the software performance and the data handling of ELPRO Cloud.


Table of Content
  1. What is Software as a Service?
  2. Software Performance
    1. What are the performance guarantees of the software?
    2. What happens if the solution is down?
  3. Data Management
    1. Where is my Data hosted physically?
    2. Who owns the data?
    3. Who has access to my data?
    4. What happens to the data if I cancel my agreement and account?
    5. Is there regular backups on my data? Do you perform regular recovery tests?
    6. What are precautions to safeguard my data from loss or theft?
    7. How can I archive my old data?

1. What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the technical term for “Cloud” and it describes software which is accessible via web-browser and operated by the supplier on a data centre using common infrastructure. ELPRO Cloud is developed and managed by ELPRO, operated on a data centre using shared infrastructure. This means that every customer has his own login & password and can only see his own sensors.

2. Software Performance

What are the performance guarantees of the solution?

The ELPRO Cloud SaaS platform is accessible 7/24 all year round. ELPRO guarantees an overall availability of 95% and 98% during Swiss business hours (working days Monday to Friday, 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 CEDT/CET). All micro-services are continuously monitored to trigger warnings to the team operating the application in case of unexpected events.

What happens if the solution is down?

If – for whatever reason – the solution or network is down, the following will happen:

  1. All of our measurement models (sensors) keep on buffering the measurement values.
  2. The team of ELPRO Cloud will be notified immediately and will work on recovering the system. In case of unforseen maintenance, the maintenance screen will be shown.
  3. As soon as the system and the network connection to the sensors is recovered, the buffered values are submitted and assessed. Hence, no data will be lost. 

3. Data Management

Where is my data hosted physically?

  • ELPRO Cloud is hosted on AWS Servers in the region central EU (Frankfurt/DE).
  • Your data is on a highly secure and highly available data centre. The infrastructure fulfils highest requirements in regards to availability and scalability. ELPRO has carefully selected the supplier and regularly performs intrusion, back-up and recovery testing. 
  • We are providing you with our standardized quality assurance document and ELPRO Cloud Security Overview. The self-assessment contains detailed information on ELPRO. This document is version controlled and is updated regularly. Our self-assessment questionnaire thoroughly describes ELPRO’s quality system, software development, compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17025:2017 Standards. We are confident that all of your questions will be answered by our self-assessment; please file a ticket here to request the self-assessment questionnaire and the document ELPRO Cloud Security Overview.

Who owns the data?

  • As described in the Service Level Agreement, the data is (subject to payment of the license fees) owned by the customer. You can at all times download the data or retire sensors or accounts.
  • ELPRO has no rights or intentions to use the data for any other purpose.

Who has access to the data?

  • Every communication is encrypted and data can only be read by authorized users.
  • The access to the data works via the account login (username & password) of the customer.
  • Naturally, the Cloud Team of ELPRO maintaining the SaaS has technical access to application and database – only qualified and dedicated IT staff at ELPRO has access.

What happens to the data if I cancel my agreement and account?

  • If you cancel your agreement (respectively don’t prolong the license on a sensor), your data will be deleted 6 months after expiry of the license. Notifications will be issued.

    Is there regular backups on my data? Do you perform regular recovery tests?

    • Yes, we perform backups at a very regular basis (database backup is stored for 30 days).
    • Furthermore, we regularly test the recovery of back-up data.

    What are precautions to safeguard my data from loss or theft?

    • The communication between the wireless sensors, the communication bridge and the ELPRO Cloud software is encrypted and cannot be manipulated or read by anybody outside.
    • If the communication is somehow interrupted, the missing values are requested from the wireless sensors. They buffer the values until they have arrived safely in the ELPRO Cloud software.

    How can I archive my old data?

    • On the one hand, you are able to archive sensor data outside the system free of charge. This can easily be done via the sensor analysis, where you find Export and/or Report functionality in ELPRO Cloud.
    • In addition, you may choose the secure cloud archiving function at a reduced license fee. For 24 CHF / year, you are able to retire your sensor and keep it in you dashboard including all of its information. To retire a sensor that you do not want to use anymore, please go to "Settings --> Licenses" and buy the retire license for your sensor.