How to renew your licenses

Under Settings --> Licenses you can find a list of all your sensor licenses.


From the table you can see

  • for which sensor the license is
  • the corresponding module-ID
  • the license's expiration date
  • the options licensed
  • the yearly cost for the license

Automatic Reneval of the license

  • For automatic reneval of the license for another year, you must have a valid credit card added to your account. Use this switch on the right to switch on automatic extension for the desired sensor .
  • The license will be automatically renewed for another year before it expires.

Manual Reneval of the license

  • To manually extend the licence for another year, select the sensor to be extended using the radio button on the left.
  • Click on the button Manually Extend Selected Licenses by 1 year in the upper right corner.
  • A payment form will appear to select your credit card or pay using your prepaid credit.
  • Confirm the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and click Extend License to extend the validity of your license for one year.

  • The total amount indicated at the top of the payment form will be charged to your credit card or prepaid balance.