Smartphone app for read-out

  1. Download and install smartphone app “LIBERO ITS”
    ⇒ Available for iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play Store) operating systems
  2. Start smartphone app and follow instructions
    ⇒ Press button on LIBERO ITS for 3 seconds to transfer alarm statistics (LED flickering )
    ⇒ Use indoor (<800 lux) and avoid backlighting or direct sunlight on the LIBERO ITS
    ⇒ Keep the smartphone stable and avoid trembling
    ⇒ If web communication is filtered by a firewall, ensure that ports 50002 / 4003 are open and the domain “” can be reached
  3. Add relevant product information and proceed
    ⇒ Upload and archive record in liberoMANAGER database
    ⇒ Create and send PDF report
    ⇒ ELPRO recommends to upload and archive every report in liberoMANAGER database