What does the display look like?





No connection to Cloud

No connection to Cloud possible



Measure and buffer

Shown in TRANSIT (including DELAY and PAUSE)


Communication strengths

Not visible if radio off / flight-mode



Automated detection (Auto on/off)

Manual on/off via Menu > RADIO.ON / RADIO.OFF



Warning (configurable) for

- Temperature warning limit

- Communication warning

- Tilt/light/shock warning (not in version 1)

- Low battery warning (not in version 1)


Alarm On/Off

Shows if Alarm criteria are active or paused


Alarm Status

Display (configurable in future versions)

OK or Alarm (pushed from Cloud)

After excursion, Alarm will remain on display


Battery level

4 battery levels

(Level one: approximately 30 days runtime remaining)


Eight-digit display

Various functions, e.g.

- temperature

- status

- customer field (e.g. pallet no.)


Start before end of /

Expires end of

Latest possible start of device /

End of runtime