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Experience Hassle-Free
Cryo Tank Monitoring

ELPRO Makes It Easy

Get started on your cell and gene therapy (CGT) shipping needs with us! At ELPRO, we specialize in providing full service that includes expert data logger and probe installation, calibration, and consulting services for cryo shippers and cryotanks.

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Why Choose ELPRO?

> Professional installation
We understand that each cryo application is unique. Our consulting services provide customized installation recommendations to optimize your cryogenic operations.

> Certified calibration
Our ISO 17025 laboratories with highly skilled technicians will calibrate your data loggers according to global standards, guaranteeing accurate temperature readings.

> Enjoy peace of mind
Ensure optimal temperature conditions for your precious laboratory samples with our comprehensive service.


Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Risk

With our comprehensive service, you can:

> Enjoy a fully calibrated monitoring system
tailored to your requirements

> Access temperature data easily
with real time data upload to ELPRO’s cloud-based software

> Organize reports
upload with our smartphone app

> Comply with industry regulations 
with 2-point NIST calibration certificates

> Be 100% FDA compliant

Ask us about our central monitoring solutions for laboratories and equipment today!