Safety Instructions LIBERO ITS


Button cell lithium battery:

→ Lithium, manganese dioxide
→ Non-rechargeable button cell battery contained in equipment UN3091 (IATA compliant)
→ No shipping declaration required (exempt from DGR declaration)

Material Safety Data Sheet is available at ELPRO on request.

Environmental Conditions


Do not expose to extreme hot temperatures outside specification (risk of gas explosion).


Do not expose to microwave radiation (risk of battery explosion).


Avoid violent knock and blows (risk of damage to the battery / short circuit).

Water / Humidity

Ensure controlled non-condensing environment (risk of short circuit since LIBERO ITS has no protection against ingress of water).

IR radiation

Avoid exposure to IR radiation (heat and superheated steam can result in deformation of the case).


Avoid long-term exposure to X-ray (risk of harm to LIBERO ITS). Tests of short x-ray exposures as part of transportation processes (airports, customs) have been performed and documented (available at ELPRO).


Do not throw LIBERO ITS into fire, the battery could explode.

This product has to be disposed of according to WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, 2012/19/EU) or according to the local regulations. The device may be returned at own cost to any ELPRO subsidiary for proper recycling.