Why join a Leading Minds Seminar 

It takes a village. Global supply chains are a sum of moving parts, orchestrated by teams of people and supply chain partners. There are no quick fixes in the cold chain; only structured, collaborative approaches.

Leading Minds Seminars bring together serious-minded practitioners to solve very real, very challenging operational hurdles in the pharmaceutical cold chain. Learning from your peers in other pharma companies, ensures you’re on track, implementing the right, most cost-effective best practices.

All pharmaceutical manufacturers are invited, complimentary (no fee) attendance. Teams welcome.

Unique FUELS Format

LMS programs are 65% discussion based. Think industry retreat. Not paintball or karaoke. Instead bringing together the best minds from pharmaceutical manufacturers to solve business critical issues, in a fun collaborative learning environment.

Fusion of
Experiences in
Logistics and

No press, no sponsorships, only further FUELS an open dialogue, no pressure, relaxed environment.

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