What is the Leading Minds Network?
What is the Leading Minds Network?

What is the Leading Minds Network?

05 Dec 2022

You know how sometimes you learn more during the networking of a conference, than in the conference presentations themselves? Those ‘ah ha’ moments you’ve had after talking through the exact problem you’re working on with a colleague from another company?

That’s what the Leading Minds Network is about. It brings together ideas, practices, and possible solutions from practitioners so that those experiences can be shared for the greater good - online, and in person at a Leading Minds Seminar.

If environmental monitoring and data management is a concern in your pharmaceutical or healthcare laboratory, facility, or supply chain – start the conversation here.

The Leading Minds Network covers the full spectrum of pharmaceutical R&D, Production, Transport & Logistics, Pharmacies, and Hospitals & Healthcare. It also aims to cover hot topics facing professionals currently, such as Stability Budget, Clinical Supply, IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and new technology and Innovation.

Life Science R&D

The discovery, research and development of a pharmaceutical compound can take a decade plus. The failures and false/positives along the way, can put a lot of pressure on laboratories and facilities downstream to ensure their operations have proper quality controls in place to care for those valuable research assets.

For example, read how Endocyte’s analytical laboratories including freezers and refrigerators are taken care of by using a central monitoring system that notifies them in case of any alarm, anywhere they facility manager is, even away from the office.

GMP Production

Here you can learn about how ZRM’s facilities of cleanrooms and biobanking technology, required an environmental monitoring system that needed to be designed and installed with space-saving in mind. At the same time, they required a wide array of environmental monitoring conditions including temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure and particle concentration. 

Temperature Controlled Transport

Cold chain is a complex initiative for companies to get right, inline and in collaboration with all key stakeholders from logistics and quality; as well as supply chain partners like 3PLs, forwarders, specialty couriers and CROs. With increasing sensitivity of biologics, and the other end of the spectrum - Controlled Room Temperature products – the ‘cold chain’ practitioner today needs to be armed with monitoring solutions for all temperatures from sub-zero, to ambient.

Some of the LMN blog topics include stability budget, balancing cost and compliance, clinical supply and specific regulatory driven topics like how to deal with CRT shipments that meet’s regulator’s requirements. But this is just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended).


The last mile of the pharmaceutical supply chain takes many forms. For commercial supply chains that includes wholesalers and pharmacies. No matter what the location or type of pharmacy (retail, online or specialty), laws requires them to ensure the medicines are quality controlled until dispensing to patients.

The LMN blog gives pharmacy managers the tools and knowledge to understand how to ensure their operations can ensure that quality control. For example, read the article “Useful Comparisons of Pharmacy Environmental Monitoring Technology”.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Healthcare environments can be challenging to maintain for many reasons. If medicines for clinical studies, or samples from the studies are put at risk in any way, it could jeopardize the validity of the research and viability of priceless research samples.

In physician offices, if refrigerators storing patient medicines aren’t properly monitored, patient safety is at risk. For example, read this story on challenges with growing number of physician offices, “Maintaining Control and Compliance of Growing Healthcare Networks


Truth is - implementing a data monitoring system can take time in any pharmaceutical or healthcare environment; often facing exhausting organizational or resource challenges. The more ELPRO’s Leading Minds Network can educate how to adopt regulations and new technology, the smoother the transition will go.

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