How the Leading Minds Network Helps you Run Compliant, Quality Operations

It’s important to understand regulations, new technology and innovative ideas. The Leading Minds Network is good for that.

But more importantly, you need to understand how your current practices, fall in line with other peer companies, and what exactly is realistic to implement today, on a certain budget.

The Leading Minds Network shares stories from your industry peers, who are implementing solutions today, overcoming certain regulatory hurdles and often organizational change.

Having worked with pharmaceutical partners for 30+ years, ELPRO takes great pride in sharing experiences and progressing best practices with industry practitioners. Together, we form ideas and places for discussion. We educate together.

We do this through articles, videos and webinars found here on LMN. Also we educate through seminars, workshops and customer user group meetings. Here’s what one practitioner said:

I gained more information in this free session than I have at any of the paid sessions. I was there to listen to others and come away with some new ideas and/or perspectives.

ELPRO recognizes that nothing great gets done alone. The best of ideas are found from collaboration and joint thought leadership. Join us online, in person or anytime - across the globe.

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Community: Sharing practices, sharing solutions. Let's talk about it Quality Control specialists.  

Seminars: The Leading Minds Seminars are designed for temperature controlled temperature control Quality, Operations and Logistics professionals. See here what seminars are on offer now. Attendance is complimentary for pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

Webinars: Engaging live and on-demand webinars are brought to you by industry experts within the ELPRO Leading Minds Network. Topics include in-depth product spotlights and educational presentations covering the full spectrum of temperature data monitoring, stability budgeting, and controlled logistics and distribution in the pharma, biotech, life science and healthcare industries. See here what webinars are available.

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