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Leading Minds Network Panel Discussion:

Risk-based Logistics for End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility


Moderator: Henry Moran, ASC Associates

Panelists: Emanuel Schäpper of ELPRO; Iris Sioson of Envirotainer; Michael Lopez, formerly of Medytox; Stefan Braun of Smart CAE

Temperature-controlled shipments are facing new challenges that are now more accentuated by the ongoing global pandemic. The cold chain ecosystem needs to adapt and innovate, with all stakeholders to ensure the fast, safe and reliable delivery of vaccines and other healthcare products.


Join our expert panelists as we explore:

  • Ways supply chain visibility helps you manage risk
  • Best practices in end-to-end visibility and real-time monitoring
  • How to gain transparency to analyze and minimize risk and improve your processes
  • Ways to help you ensure maximum visibility at the lowest risk