White Paper

Temperature Data: The Underrated Superhero for Research Labs, Pharmacies & Healthcare Facilities

When freezers, incubators or refrigerators experience a temperature excursion, the cost could be irreplaceable research samples lost or expensive medicines spoiled. The right alarm/monitoring system can protect against product loss, but with so many solutions on the market, which monitoring solution is ideal? This article discusses the importance of having a comprehensive monitoring solution that includes remote alarm capability, data logging and an independent sensor and why these three features are critical.
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Losing Everything: Is a Chart Recorder Enough to Protect Critical Assets?

Environmental / temperature monitoring plays a vital role in the manufacturing (cGMP) and healthcare (JCAHO, CAP, USP 797) markets. In the event of a temperature excursion, do you know if your product is still acceptable? Would you lose valuable product or days worth of testing time?
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Central Monitoring Systems 101: Easier Management and Better Control of Critical Assets

A central monitoring system provides a solution for automated continuous monitoring. It will enable your facility to have fast, standardized responses to alarms and efficient, electronic reporting capabilities, adding a superior level of protection for your irreplaceable products. 
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Transitioning to an Enterprise-CMS (Environmental Monitoring System) in a Regulated Environment

If your facility is growing or has come under the purview of GxP regulatory review, you know that data is the critical for healthcare facilities like hospitals to comply with JCAHO or Pharma to comply with FDA 21 CFR 11. Regulators want to see evidence that demonstrates maintenance of correct environmental conditions for healthcare related materials and products being stored in a facility.
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Warehouse Mapping of GxP Storage Facilities: Why it’s Not an Option

When your warehouse stores temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and life science products, a top of the line HVAC system with carefully placed thermostats is not enough to ensure product quality and consumer safety. Why? It is the nature of warehouse facilities, no matter the size, to experience temperature gradients.
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Case Study

Center for Regenerative Medicine (ZRM)

ELPRO’s Central Monitoring System (CMS) enables reliable recording of all relevant data in the cleanroom. Differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration and the particle concentration can be recorded and saved continuously.
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Site Monitoring Kit

No more daily manual temperature inspections and paper min / max lists which are unreliable and difficult to archive. One brief check once a week and one monthly download is all the site staff needs to do.
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