• SmartStart allows a fast and simple application of a specific configuration profile to a data logger without giving access to configuration settings
  • Shipment- or application-specific information can be added at the same time
SmartStart is used to configure LIBERO data loggers and add shipment-specific information before / at the point of packing. SmartStart is a self-sustainable executable (.exe-file) which contains customized profiles for a specific customer or sending site. SmartStart can be directly distributed to the sending sites and stored locally or it can be hosted on liberoMANAGER or any other download site. After a profile is selected and a LIBERO connected, SmartStart opens an input mask to enter the shipment information and confirms the configuration. The profile is rapidly transferred to the data logger. SmartStart logs all configurations in a local log file (SmartStart Configuration Report). SmartStart can be password-protected and / or carry an expiry date. It is included in liberoCONFIG and is available free of charge.

The SmartStart Configuration Report is customizable and can contain all information of the data logger available at the time of configuration (e.g. logger ID, chosen profile) ─ including shipment information added during the SmartStart process (e.g. shipment no, destination). When sent to liberoMANAGER, an «Open Shipment» is triggered with all available information (before sending to liberoMANAGER, the SSCR may also be enriched with additional information from an ERP).

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