• Complete assurance that your facility or equipment is safely monitored
  • «One click» deviation report with all relevant alarm information
  • Automated reporting regularly sends you tailored reports
  • A central database enabling analysis over extended periods of time
Part no 801394 Software base license, including elproMONITOR, elproEVENT, elproUSER and elproMONITOR-WebAccess
Advanced Central Monitoring Software with the Most User-Friendly Alarming and Reporting Functionality
Managing an extensive network of laboratories, storage, production facilities or other assets is not an easy task. Being able to see the status of your facilities remotely from anywhere, at any time, becomes a «must have» requirement of our environmental monitoring system. The elproMONITOR software gives you this capability and provides you with total visibility.
Here’s how we can help:
Complete control of temperature, humidity and other parameters monitored in laboratories, cleanrooms, biobanks and on other networked equipment is what elproMONITOR enables its users to have. For your critical operations, elproMONITOR offers maximum security and flexibility.

How it works:
elproMONITOR runs on your server, thus no individual PC installations are required. All data are archived centrally on a database. As a sensor based system, each asset or piece of equipment can be individually monitored and analyzed. Each asset is assigned to a specific user group and responds according to user specific alarming preferences. The system also allows for automated reporting on a regular basis.

Your benefits:
  • Know the state of your facilities and equipment at all times
  • Rest assured that the right contacts will be notified if anything happens
  • Save time with automated reporting options for regular status reports or for deviation handling
  • Rely on a scalable system and service for optimal flexibility
  • Easy to implement being compatible with existing ELPRO CMS hardware

elproMONITOR: Advanced CMS Software for All Possible Tasks

Sensor based = User based
  • Create sensor groups or assign individual sensors to user groups
  • Customizable alarming profiles allow for specific recipients for certain alarms and warnings
  • Simplify your user management by integrating with your existing Active Directory
  • User rights configurable to different access levels: view and analyze only, comment on an alarm or activate / deactivate alarms

Central database – Faster and easier access to data
  • Access your critical monitoring data from anywhere, at any time
  • Running on a server and therefore not requiring local installations, thus reducing maintenance
  • All measurement values, alarms and deviations are recorded on a central database
  • Connects various networked locations, assets and equipment worldwide
  • Simply search time and date of any historical event... total control and visibility
  • Full compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GLP, GAMP 5 and Annex 11

Reporting made easy
  • Individual deviations can be searched, reviewed, acknowledged and commented on
  • Multiple sensor graphs can be overlaid for in-depth analysis
  • Automated reporting for long-term analysis by compiling periodical reports
  • All relevant information at your fingertips with automated deviation reporting
  • Automatic report delivery to pre-defined recipients, no need to log on and manually run reports. Let elproMONITOR do it for you!

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