elproLOG MONITOR-WebAccess

  • Web-based access to your monitoring data
  • elproLOG MONITOR-WebAccess enables you to reliably access your data from any computer - anywhere in the world
  • Part of the elproMONITOR system
Your Central Monitoring System at your fingertips – wherever you are
What if you could view the environmental monitoring status of your facility from anywhere in the world? See all your Central Monitoring System data at a glance – from your office, before entering the cleanroom or on the go. No need for special software either: you access it via your web browser.
Here’s how we can help:
elproLOG MONITOR-WebAccess offers a simple and efficient way to create your own individual «information cockpit» for your Central Monitoring System. You can see one or several systems in parallel, with various reporting options and flexible design features. elproLOG MONITOR-WebAccess is available as on-site software or as a «cloud-based» online service.
How it works:
  • Secure access to your information – from any internet browser (PC, Tablet PC, smartphone, etc.)
  • Real-time data display of sensor values, warnings and alarms
  • elproLOG MONITOR-WebAccess user interface
  • Facility floor plans and photos used for data display
  • Trend display
Your benefits:
  • See your key monitoring data – at a glance, instantly and from anywhere
    - for management or QA: log into the system from any computer
    - for site staff: via monitoring screen
    - or from your smartphone or other mobile device
  • No software and no maintenance («cloud-based service»)
elproLOG MONITOR-WebAccess: Design options and features

Total control – create your own information cockpit
  • Design your own start screen to summarize the status of one facility or several decentralized facilities with independent Central Monitoring Systems
  • Color coding (red = alarm, yellow = alert, green = ok) for an immediate visual overview
  • View the site from any screen or device, including smartphones
Everything at a glance – quick and instant overview
  • Choose any floor plan or picture as background
  • Visualize the status of each data logger or probe using different icons or sizes for different measurement parameters and analogue or digital input statuses
  • Self-monitoring function based on last value measured means you know at all times if the system is working correctly
  • Switch between different views by clicking on pictures (e.g. of the facility) or icons (logger or sensors)
Know what is going on – detailed analysis by probe
  • Check the status of each probe with one click
  • Everything summarized in one graph:
    - measurement history
    - alarm limits
    - clear labeling of axis
  • If more than one probe is summarized in one graph, different colors enable clear distinction of lines
Reporting made easy
  • Check what happened earlier by viewing the alarm history
  • Compile your own report organized by facility, section or probe type

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