• elproEVENT makes sure that you always have a complete audit trail, compliant to the requirements in cGxP environments. Working in the background, it records all operations and events with user and time information - ensuring traceability
  • Part of the elproMONITOR system
Traceability made easy
Ensuring traceability of events and user actions is a key requirement of monitoring systems used in GMP / GLP environments.
elproEVENT is the memory of the elproMONITOR system. It is used to record all operations such as acknowledgement of alarms. The result is an audit trail with which all interventions and actions related to your ELPRO data logger system can be easily and efficiently traced.
elproEVENT runs in the background and ensures seamless traceability:
  • Central audit trail for the elproMONITOR system
  • Every entry in elproEVENT is stored with information about the event, user, date and time
  • Data is stored in a tamper-proof database
  • Option for adding comments on logged events
  • Fully-automatic creation and storage / Communication of alarm and event reports
  • elproEVENT supports compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, GLP, GAMP 5 and Annex 11
  • elproEVENT includes comprehensive documentation for IQ/OQ

Event analysis and reporting

Data recorded by elproEVENT is displayed in a clearly structured table. Data can also be filtered to display only events from a specific period or activities of a certain user.

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