• Checks local USB ports, network drives, e-mail or FTP accounts for LIBERO PDF reports
  • Accesses data of LIBERO PDF reports and uses it for further tasks
  • Formats information from data into other data formats for further tasks
  • Archives, sends per e-mail, prints PDF reports or starts third party applications to handover data or PDF reports
  • Reports back status on successful fulfillment of task (e-mail sent, data formatted, archived, etc.)
elproASSISTANT is a task manager for LIBERO PDF reports. It has the capability to import LIBERO PDF reports from various sources, access LIBERO PDF report data, apply filters to data, as well as interface with the LIBERO PDF report and/or parts of its data. This task manager is designed to support customers using LIBERO data loggers in various applications (e.g. cold chain, mapping, site monitoring) by automating the management of LIBERO PDF reports. Individual tasks (and sets of tasks) are made available to customers as self-sustainable .exe-files.

elproASSISTANT is currently in a trial phase. If you already today have an application or data handling requirement where elproASSITANT can simplify the handling of LIBERO PDF reports, please contact ELPRO.

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