Thermal Mapping Services

  • Are you required to provide a mapping report for your temperature controlled storage facility to maintain GMP-compliance? Is it difficult to allocate time and resources to complete the mapping and compile reports?
Here’s how we can help
The Thermal Mapping Service is a simple, efficient way to obtain a GMP-compliant mapping report. No need to buy data loggers, no special software, and a minimum of time and resources. Regardless of your location, we don‘t need access to your site and no one needs to travel. 
How it works
You provide us with a floor plan of your facility. Based on facility size and layout, our experienced thermal mapping specialists determine the location and number of measuring points. The data loggers are mailed to you with instructions for placement and activation. Your staff places the data loggers according to the map and presses the START button. At the end end of the mapping period, simply collect the data loggers and e-mail the PDF reports to ELPRO for final report generation.
This eliminates the need to dedicate valuable time and resources to mapping and report compilation. 
Your benefits
  • GMP-compliant reports sent to you
  • No travel required
  • No instrument purchase
  • No special software
  • No report compilation
The most efficient Thermal Mapping Service
ELPRO thermal mapping specialists use your floor plan to determine the measurement point placement. ELPRO configures and labels the calibrated LIBERO PDF Loggers, which are then mailed to the site with instructions for placing and starting the instruments.
Using our detailed instructions and list of measurement points, your warehouse or QA personnel place and activate the data loggers. After mapping is complete, simply press the STOP button and collect the instruments. Connecting the LIBERO PDF Logger to any computer (via USB port) automatically generates a PDF report.
Once we receive the PDF files via e-mail, we compile the final report, which includes graphs for each measuring point and calibration data for each instrument. All you need to do is draw your conclusions based on our summary. With this simple process, your workload is greatly reduced. 

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