On-Site Service

  • To ensure the quality of your measurements, data logging systems should be re-calibrated periodically. Our qualified calibration specialists are trained to perform all required tasks on all ELPRO data logger systems for many different measurement parameters.
Measurement parameters

In many industries and applications, reliable temperature measurements are critical to process stability and quality documentation. ELPRO calibrates your temperature instrumentation equipment using
  • high-end equipment like calibration baths or dry-block calibrators to simulate temperatures,
  • physically fixed points like 0 °C (ice/water) or -196 °C (liquid nitrogen),
  • high-precision reference instruments.

Calibration range:
  • -196 °C
  • -90 °C..+150 °C

Relative humidity

Relative humidity calibrations are performed using:
  • Humidity generators equipped with reference instruments or dew point sensors
  • Humidity standards based on saturated salt solutions

Calibration range:
  • 0.5 %RH..95 %RH

Pressure differential

Pressure differential instruments are calibrated using precision equipment consisting of pressure generators and high-end reference instruments.

Calibration range:
  • -199 Pa..+199 Pa


Having correct levels of CO2 concentration is vital for many processes in the life science industry. To make sure you can trust your readings, ELPRO is calibrating the CO2 sensors using reference gases with different concentrations.

Calibration range:
  • 0 %
  • 5 %
  • 10 %
  • 20 %


For your airborne particle counters, ELPRO can perform 0 particle and comparison measurements and check the flow rate.

The quality of our calibrations is important to us; therefore, all calibrations are performed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025 for highest quality standards. And, of course, the calibration and validation certificates issued by ELPRO are traceable to national and international standards.
SCS (Swiss Calibration Standard)
The ELPRO head office in Switzerland is an officially accredited calibration laboratory for temperature and humidity. You can download the SCS Accreditation Certificate here.
ELPRO Services, Inc. in Marietta, OH is an accredited calibration laboratory for temperature. You can download the ANAB Accrediation and Scope Certificate here.
ILAC – The International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation - is an international cooperation of laboratory and inspection accreditation bodies. Each accreditation body used by ELPRO to certify calibration activities (SAS, NIST) is a full member of ILAC, guaranteeing international traceability and validity of the certificates issued by ELPRO.
Off-Site Calibration
Calibration can be performed in one of our state-of-the-art calibration labs:
  • Switzerland:ELPRO-BUCHS AG
  • Germany: ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH
  • USA: ELPRO Services Inc.

We look forward to calibrating your equipment in one of the laboratories listed above.

On-Site Calibration
To ensure that your data logging system is removed from your process only for the shortest time possible, ELPRO offers on-site calibration services. Due to our experience and expertise in such field calibrations, we can reliably and precisely calibrate your valuable instrumentation directly at your site. Please contact your local ELPRO partner to find out more about this convenient service offering.

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