Off-Site Service

  • All-round check-up of service device with check list
  • Temporary replacement logger to assure a complete chain of data record
  • Electrical, manufactory and SCS calibration service with certificate
  • Clear warranty approach and customer friendly accommodation solutions
Designed to fit your expectations
ELPROs Off-Site Service includes maintenance, repair and calibration of mobile data loggers and accessories at ELPRO’s certified laboratory. Send us your monitoring equipment to prolong the service life of your investment and keep on track with your core business. This service is offered in addition to ELPRO’s On-Site Service where an ELPRO technician installs, calibrates and maintains installations and equipment at the customer site.
Service Offer
Off-Site Service for Data Loggers
The following data loggers can be sent to ELPRO for Off-Site service:
  • HAMSTER (Type ET1/D, ET2, EHT1)
  • LIBERO (Type Tx1 and Cx)
  • Non-ELPRO branded loggers (not requiring software for calibration)
Temporary Replacement Data Logger / Exchange Probes (Optional)
Do you need an ongoing recording of your data during Off-Site Service of your equipment? ELPRO offers Temporary Replacement Data Loggers and Exchange Probes so you can keep monitoring while your equipment is away for Off-Site Service. Order your required Temporary Replacement Data Logger or Exchange Probes in time before sending your equipment to ELPRO for Off-Site Service. After you have your equipment back, return the temporary equipment.

The following data loggers and probes are available as temporary replacements:
  • ECOLOG TNx, TPx, TH1
  • LIBERO Ti1/Ti1-L
  • Exchange T/RH probe
Check-up (Regular)
Each data logger sent to Off-Site Service will run through the Check-up process. Within Check-up ELPRO tests and verifies the functionality of your device. Optical inspection includes checking and cleaning of housing, existing interfaces / sockets (DB15, Lemo, rH, USB) and battery case. If foreseen for your device, ELPRO will exchange the battery, check the programming and readout functionality and update the battery exchange date. The age of the data logger will be determined and if available also the display and keyboard functionality are checked. External channels, internal probes and other accessories like brackets, external probes or data cables will go through electrical inspection. During the Check-up no calibration certificate is issued. Should you require a calibration certificate, please order the Calibration service for your device.
Data Recovery (Optional)
In addition to Check-up, ELPRO offers a Data Recovery service which can be ordered separately. Data Recovery can involve specialist methods to read out existing data on the customer's data logger. If data can be recovered, an interpretation of the data is performed (what kind of data has been read out, are date and time stamps plausible, what data is trustworthy and from when on data might not be reliable anymore). In case of successful Data Recovery the customer receives the recovered data in electronic format.
Repair (Optional)
Repair service takes care of your data logger should something happen to it.  ELPRO offers the following Repair services:
  • For ECOLOG, types TN2, TN3-P, TN4, TN4-L, TH1, TH2, TP2 and TP4-L: Repair of display, keyboard, quartz (clock), rH socket and Lemo socket.
  • For external probes: Replacement of connector and shorten cable in case of damaged cable or connector. The repair is concluded with an ice water test.
Calibration (Optional)
During Calibration service, the measurement of a test object is compared with a traceable reference. The accuracy is documented and confirmed in a calibration certificate. ELPRO’s laboratories are certified for various measuring parameters and accredited to highest national standards (NIST, SCS, etc.). ELPRO offers various standard and customized Calibration services. Those services differ in the process, the number and settings of calibration points and in the level of detail of the certificates. An excerpt of the calibration offering can be seen in the table on page 4.
Warranty and Error-Report (Optional)
A clarification regarding Warranty and Error-Report (damage report) is available optionally. For all clarifications first the Check-up process is completed. In case that the equipment is under warranty, ELPRO does not charge for Check-up and will repair or replace the equipment free of charge. In other cases, ELPRO offers refunds or discounts for new devices, depending on age and general condition of your equipment.
Data loggers which cannot be used or repaired, will be professionally recycled. ELPRO believes in respecting our environment today and for future generations. Alternatively, we can send non-repairable equipment back to the customer.

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