• PDF Logger for external Pt100 probe (probe not included)
  • Single use
  • Automatic PDF report with embedded data
  • For single-use dry ice monitoring if temperature indication must be visible from outside
Measurement parameters Temperature
Monitoring tasks Transport
Application range Liquid nitrogen [-196 °C]
ULT freezer [-80 °C]
Dry ice [-76 °C]
High temperature [>+140 °C]
Measurement range Measurement range of probe: -200 °C..+200 °C
Operating range of data logger: -35 °C..+70 °C
Accuracy Device:
± 0.3 °C [-10.0 °C..+25.0 °C]
± 0.5 °C [+25.1 °C..+200.0 °C] and
[-200.0 °C..-10.1 °C]

System accuracy with a Pt100 class A probe:
± 0.4 °C [-10.0 °C..+25.0 °C]
Memory capacity 16'000 measurement values
Alarm On display
Part no 800021
Connectivity USB
Number of channels 1

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