Successful ELPRO Seminar “New GDP-Guideline 2013” in Copenhagen


ELPRO group continues its successful seminar series, which started this March in Germany. The most recent event was held by ELPRO Nordic on May 14th in Copenhagen where industry experts and customers held speeches on various subjects around the New GDP-Guideline. The audience explored and discussed the impact of the new guidelines on the qualification and the temperature monitoring of both storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The audience and the experts exchanged views and experiences on the coming changes.
Marianne Schjerning, Manager Supply Chain and Customer Support at Alkalon A/S said about the seminar: «It was a really interesting seminar with lots of good speakers. The presentations of the ELPRO experts were very hands-on and informative.»
The next ELPRO seminar will take place on July 3rd in London. The venue is the award winning «Altitude 360» at the top of the historic Millbank Tower in central London with spectacular panoramic views of the capital. For details of the program, venue and how to reserve your place click here

Photo: Seminar speakers in Copenhagen left to right: Patrik Neff (ELPRO), Tony Wright (Exelsius),               Luc Huybreghts (Pauwels Consulting), Luise Bering (Novo Nordisk), Bernhard Jans (ELPRO).

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