«Objection dismissed»


ELPRO secures its patent for embedding raw data in PDF files

The objection of a major US competitor against the patent for embedding raw data in a PDF file – an invention of ELPRO-BUCHS AG – was fully dismissed by the Opposition Division of the European Patent Office (EPA). The patent granted to ELPRO-BUCHS AG remains unamended. The decision was made on March 14 2013 by the appeal authority in Munich. The patent, already registered by ELPRO-BUCHS AG in 2007 within the framework of the LIBERO invention, was granted at the time by the EPA.

Alois Bischof, Founder and president of the board of ELPRO-BUCHS AG, commented on the decision of the EPA as follows: «ELPRO has a long-standing tradition and we are proud of a number of inventions that we have made in the monitoring sector over the past 25 years and more. Our customers in the pharmaceutical industry in particular know that patents help to protect parts of an innovative product for a specific time, as they can otherwise be simply copied. We are therefore extremely pleased that the EPA has once more made a decision in our favor. This encourages us to continue to invest in the development of innovative solutions in the future.»

The option of embedding the raw data in a PDF file was a revolutionary step in the development of data loggers for monitoring the refrigeration chain. With the invention of the LIBERO PDF Logger by ELPRO-BUCHS AG it was possible to generate an evaluation report in PDF format and to process the measured values in a PDF report. Today a number of leading international pharmaceutical companies use the LIBERO PDF Logger, the principle of which has been copied several times, for clinical studies and commercial transport. With this latest decision the EPA is protecting intellectual property rights and recognizes the innovative achievement of ELPRO-BUCHS AG. Within a few years the PDF Data Logger has become an indispensable standard in the refrigeration chain for the industry. Martin Peter, Head of Sales & Marketing and Executive Vice President of ELPRO-BUCHS AG comments: «This decision of the patent office is very important for us. LIBERO contains a number of innovations which could unfortunately not be patented, such as the use of a USB interface, automatic generation of a PDF report and the use of multi-zone alarms. Verification of the patent of the only patentable idea – embedding of the raw data in the PDF – is a very important and significant sign for us. Our customers especially appreciate the simple handling of our LIBERO PDF Logger that enables them to generate a single file including the embedded raw data.»

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