Marietta Health System Presents Temperature Monitoring Poster at Pharmacy Systems, Inc. Annual Meeting


Mike Clark, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy at Marietta Health System, presented an educational poster at the Pharmacy Systems, Inc. Annual Meeting in Dublin, Ohio on October 12. Pharmacy Systems, Inc. is a regional hospital pharmacy management and clinical consulting agency. The annual meeting is an event where pharmacy directors can update their knowledge, network with colleagues and learn about the latest products and innovations in the patient care and medication field. The poster session at the event provides an opportunity for the pharmacy directors to share experiences with their colleagues.

«The poster session allows the directors of pharmacy to showcase their initiatives they have been working on at their hospitals,» said Amy Young, Quality Resource Manager at Pharmacy Systems, Inc. «Another director may view a poster and realize they could or should begin a similar initiative at their hospital. They now have a contact who already went through the process of the initiative and can provide additional support and guidance.»

Clark’s poster topic is titled: «Implementation of a Hospital-Wide Central Temperature Monitoring System.» The temperature monitoring solution that Marietta Health System uses is the ECOLOG-NET Central Monitoring System from ELPRO. ELPRO is a Swiss-based manufacturer of temperature and environmental monitoring products and services, and it’s subsidiary, ELPRO Services, Inc., is also located in Marietta, Ohio.

«Temperature monitoring is always an important topic, not only because hospitals are being surveyed by regulatory and accreditation agencies, but because maintaining medications at proper storage temperatures is vital to ensure the medications are viable and work as intended when administered to patients,» Young said. «Central temperature monitoring can help prevent the loss of medications if a refrigerator or freezer stops working because it is designed to alert appropriate personnel no matter the time of day.»

Clark’s presentation noted that in addition to being notified in the event of an excursion, the objective of the implementation of a central monitoring system was also to meet compliance with medical storage requirements. The system monitors and records the environmental parameters of refrigerators and other critical equipment at the hospital and its auxiliary locations in accordance to regulatory guidelines.

«Since our health system has so many off-site locations, the main benefit of this system is being able to monitor all medication refrigerator temperatures in one central database and receive emails when there is an out of range temperature,» Clark’s poster says. «This prevents loss of medication because we can easily respond. We setup custom alarm parameters so that I receive an email when the environment is out of range. If a staff member does not close the refrigerator door all the way at the end of a shift this can potentially circumvent major drug loss.»

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