elproVIEWER Software 2014.7.1.0


We are pleased to announce a new release of the elproVIEWER software. elproVIEWER allows presenting the embedded data of a LIBERO PDF report as well as performing detailed analysis and creating powerful documentation of the measured values.

In the 2014.7.1.0 release of elproVIEWER Professional, the "join" functionality has been enhanced and offers now two reports, the Joint Report and the Joint Assessment Report. It allows combining temperature data of up to 16 LIBERO PDF reports, e.g. to calculate the life-cycle stability of a batch or to determine the annual MKT. elproVIEWER automatically calculates the statistics over the life cycle or the entire year and outputs the result in a joint report. For customers using our web database liberoMANAGER it is now also possible to archive these reports in liberoMANAGER.

We continuously develop elproVIEWER to customers' needs, that is why the software offers now French as further program language.

Are you interested in learning more about elproVIEWER? Then click on the following link.

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