ELPRO weighs in on industry publication of current cold chain challenges


Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, a US online magazine, covering topics on manufacturing, analytical testing, and cold chain has recently published a new «Cold Chain Roundtable» interviewing industry professionals on current cold chain affairs.

In the interview, Marken, a global specialty courier, describes how clinical trials for cancer and orphan diseases have protocols that are more complex, requiring more treatment steps. The patient screening criteria for these trials are becoming more difficult to satisfy, forcing higher recruitment costs and causing CROs to search in more remote locations. Marken commented that these drugs tend to be more expensive because they are sensitive to handling and temperature and it’s critical to have a detailed plan in place for temperature-sensitive drugs during shipping, handling, and storage. They have seen an increased demand for using depots in key geographies like Latin America, Singapore, and China due to the growth of clinical trials in these regions.

ELPRO commented during the Roundtable on the importance of using a central database, helping companies with GDP compliance. Yes customers initially look at price of the data loggers only — their number one priority. That is until they get further into discussions and realize the enormous benefits of integrating data at the sender level so shipment data and logger data can be combined to allow for meaningful analysis post-shipment. By having full data monitoring system in place that connects the data loggers with a database, huge amounts of time can be saved in making quicker product release decisions at destinations. Huge cost savings can also be realized by being able to pinpoint and detect weaknesses in the cold chain.

To read more about what industry professionals see as the most pressing challenges in today’s cold chain, go to this link.

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