ELPRO Services, Inc.: Meet the Senior Service Team


When you buy a product or service from ELPRO, you will benefit from our comprehensive range of services tailored to suit your needs, with an ISO 17025 accreditation for lab and field calibrations. Our highly trained service technicians apply their expertise to every project, whether the solution is monitoring one piece of equipment or a comprehensive facility central monitoring system.

«Our service team has a high regard for our customers and excellent customer service,» said Jim Lang, Project Manager, who supervises the entire service team. «They never leave a customer with just an adequate product. They leave customers with an excellent installation and the knowledge that ELPRO Services is their partner. We’re someone they can contact any time for help and guidance. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure a customer is satisfied.»

The service technician role at ELPRO is a fundamental one. They see every phase of a customer project, beginning with the customer order, to prepping and planning for installations, to on-site installation and training, and extending with tech support throughout the lifecycle of the product. Services include:

  • Hardware IQOQ
  • Software IQOQ
  • System installation
  • System calibration
  • Training
  • Laboratory equipment validations

Service technicians travel to nearly every corner of the US and Canada equipped to provide turnkey solutions. Not only are the ELPRO technicians rigorously trained on the ELPRO products, but also trained and have on-site experience with the customer’s equipment and applications. Technicians that have earned the title of «Senior Service Technician» have long-term experience at ELPRO, along with self-motivation, organization and management skills.

«A senior service technician must arrive on site, make a plan for the installation and execute it,” Lang said. “The senior technician must also possess leadership skills in order to help train and organize the junior technicians.»

ELPRO’s senior service technicians have over 20 years of combined experience, and the team approaches their work with the philosophy that quality is a fundamental priority. The senior service team includes:

  • Brett Wheeler, Senior Technician
  • Cory Van Reeth, Senior Technician / IT Support
  • Drew Ramsey, Senior Technician

Wheeler started working for the company in October 2006 with a background in HVAC. He noted that he appreciates that his role at ELPRO gives him the ability to travel, and especially enjoys trips to California. He is from Caldwell, Ohio and is engaged to fiancé, Lyn Scherer. In his spare time, Wheeler is a motorcycle enthusiast.

Van Reeth is from Pomeroy, Ohio and started his career at ELPRO in December 2007. His favorite part about working at ELPRO is interacting with coworkers and assisting customers through technical support. «As with any aspect of life, when someone calls and I am able to help them, it is rewarding,» Van Reeth said. «After our conversation, I hope I helped make their day a little better.» He enjoys the outdoors and activities such as camping, hiking and whitewater rafting.

Ramsey started working with the company four years ago. He has an Associate Degree in Computer Support from Washington State Community College and is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in IT. «This job gives me the ability to see a lot of different areas in the US and abroad that I would not normally get to see or experience,» Ramsey said. He resides in Parkersburg, WV, with his wife, Jackie. «Our service team is made up of a group of well-rounded, talented individuals that understand validated monitoring,» Lang said. «They know scientific equipment and storage facilities very well, so they’re a good source of information for our customers. They also understand that accurate data is an absolute requirement.»

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