ELPRO Launches "World’s Most Reliable" Dry Ice Data Logger


The growing biotech, pharma and diagnostics industries require valuable and critical APIs and biological samples to be shipped in dry ice under stringent monitoring conditions in the cold chain. To meet this ever-increasing demand, Swiss-based ELPRO, the knowledge leader in environmental monitoring systems, has released the new LIBERO CD PDF data logger for direct placement into dry ice shipments.

The new LIBERO CD dry ice data logger was developed leveraging ELPRO’s 30 years of experience in the industry in working with thousands of customer shipments exposed to varying environments. ELPRO understands why temperature excursions during dry-ice shipping can become much colder than expected and how vibration during transportation, low pressure in high altitudes, pollution in dry-ice pellets and improper air ventilation can cause the temperature in dry ice boxes to drop way below the expected -78 °C. The re-designed dry ice logger allows customers to monitor temperature data peaks to -95 °C. No other dry ice logger on the market today is specified for use at these temperatures.

Having built, tested, sold and certified thousands of its LIBERO Ti1-D dry ice data loggers since 2012, ELPRO knows the special requirements and difficulties in building a battery-driven data logger which is directly exposed to harsh cold conditions. «Our new LIBERO CD is backed by years of field-tested experience and customer data. The result is the world's most reliable dry-ice data logger,» says Cyril Winkler, Team Leader Product Management.

Unmatched Reliability
Reliable temperature monitoring of dry ice shipments has long-been problematic in many industries says Cyril. «Many data loggers on the market today lock up and stop graphing data when temperatures drop below -80 °C. The new ELPRO LIBERO CD data logger does not stop recording data below -80 °C, providing the industry’s most accurate read on cold chain packing performance before and during shipments.»

The new LIBERO CD also features a programmable site delay, avoiding time-consuming pre-conditioning of the device. Users can save valuable time during shipments and start monitoring or downloading their data immediately.

LIBERO CD Functions that Improve Your Ultra-Low Cold Chain Operations
No Probe Required: Works directly exposed to dry ice
Concise Reporting in one File: ELPRO’s patented one-page PDF reporting includes embedded raw data, eliminating the hassle of multiple files
Multi-level Alarm: Eight (8) ranges plus shipment duration as alarm criteria. Customer configurable, no need to pre-order profiles
Auto Expiry Date Management: Expiry date printed on every logger and programmed in; virtually eliminates the risk of using an expired logger
Button Cell Battery Type: Avoids customs delays and dangerous goods label requirements for lithium battery air shipments; IATA compliant
Certified Accuracy: Fully calibrated with traceable certificate; GAMP5 validated
No Hardware/Software Required: Functions like other ELPRO LIBERO Cx models; easy USB connection allows for easy data downloading

The LIBERO CD is fully compatible with ELPRO’s monitoring software solutions including liberoMANAGER (cold chain cloud database); liberoCONFIG (configuration); elproVIEWER (analysis) and elproAssistant.

From routine technical questions to highly complex regulated qualification projects, ELPRO’s trusted global GxP services teams provide industry-leading product support and expertise, backed by over 30 years of experience in the environmental monitoring space.

LIBERO CD Available Now: Order a Free Demo Device
The new ELPRO LIBERO CD dry ice data logger is now available to order. To request a quote, more information or a free demo LIBERO CD for testing and validation, contact our office at +41 81 552 08 08 or e-mail swiss[at]

ELPRO’s current dry ice data logger, the LIBERO Ti1-D, will be discontinued after May 2017.

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