ELPRO-BUCHS AG under new leadership


Beat Rudolf and Martin Peter have taken over the operational management of ELPRO-BUCHS AG on October 1, 2013. The Managing Director and CEO Alois Bischof has thus handed over his company internally to his successors, who are already working for ELPRO-BUCHS AG since many years, after 27 years.

Beat Rudolf, former Head of Technology and Development as well as Executive Vice President, and Martin Peter, Head of Sales & Marketing, take over two-third share of the company. «ELPRO-BUCHS AG should not be sold abroad or to a major competitor, but should remain a committed, independent Swiss company», Alois Bischof justifies his decision. The new CEO Beat Rudolf (44) has a longstanding experience and profound knowledge. He works in close cooperation with Martin Peter (40), who has taken up the position of Executive Vice President.

Continuing the successful strategy
«In Beat Rudolf, we have found the ideal person, who guarantees the highest level of continuity and professionalism for our customers, suppliers and employees» stresses Alois Bischof, who further remains the President of the Board of Directors and a member of the management. Even in future, he will contribute to the company with his knowledge and his experience as consultant, engineer and partner.
The decision of regulating the succession in the form of a management-buy-out goes hand in hand with the company's future-oriented strategy of safeguarding employment and creating continuity.«Martin Peter and I have already been part of the management team for several years. We have co-developed the present strategy and we support it comprehensively. Therefore, no fundamental changes in the strategy are planned in the near future», says CEO Beat Rudolf.

Further international establishment of the brand
We are this year's winner of the Werdenberg Innovation Award; the company's focus will remain on innovation and proximity to customers even in the future under the new leadership.
«ELPRO was and is a company driven by technology. Thanks to our in-house Development and Production Department, we can implement new ideas for equipment or software promptly and flexibly», says CEO Beat Rudolf. In the coming years, the brand ELPRO should be established further at the international level. «Thanks to the good products and excellent service, ELPRO should remain the first choice for our customers when it comes to tackling a monitoring task. We thereby attach great importance to being close to the customers and offering them a comprehensive service».
According to Martin Peter, this is mainly applicable for the pharmaceutical industry. «We will continue to focus on the pharmaceutical industry and adapt our processes and products more consistently to the international requirements of these customers», says Peter. ELPRO aspires to be a partner that covers all requirements from the field of «Compliant Monitoring».

Since the foundation of ELPRO in 1986, the company has grown from three persons into a worldwide operating SME with over 120 employees. The company has total 75 employees in Switzerland and 45 employees in Germany, USA, Denmark, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Singapore. ELPRO is a leading manufacturer of innovative monitoring solutions as well as data loggers and offers systems and complete solutions for the recording of climate data. Presently, the company has invested in a new building with an area of approximately 4200 square meters at the headquarters in Buchs SG.

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