ELPRO at Labtechnology in Utrecht


Last week, 04.-05.Jun.2014, ELPRO Benelux B.V. participated in Labtechnology in Utrecht. In addition, Jeroen van Loo held a presentation about «Ensuring Sample Integrity and Aiding Loss Prevention Through Effective Monitoring». Upon request, you can get a copy of this presentation (in Dutch language).

During the two exhibition days, our Central Monitoring System (CMS) got a lot of inquiries. The system collects and stores data reliably and safely, making it available over your existing LAN network or wireless system. The system is comprised of multifunctional components: sensors, data loggers and monitoring software. Sensors measure values while data loggers record data and automatically trigger alarms. The alarms are forwarded through the LAN network to the software, which saves and documents the data.

Not only our CMS was requested but visitors were interested in the LIBERO product portfolio too. We presented at Labtechnology our new Site Monitoring Kit. This efficient and compliant system monitors single refrigerators and laboratory equipment based on the innovative LIBERO PDF Logger.
LIBERO is also used for monitoring samples and products transported in dry shippers. It collects temperature data throughout the entire journey to ensure proper temperature was maintained. No software is necessary at destination to get a comprehensive shipment report.

It was a great pleasure meeting potential customers and discussing individual requirements. We are looking forward to the next exhibition.

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