Post Event Report LMS New Jersey USA

ELPRO and Softbox thank you for participating at the third Leading Minds Seminar in Princeton, NJ, November 7-8, 2017.

Collaborative Learning that FUELS your Temperature Controlled Pharmaceuticals


About Leading Minds Seminar

It takes a village. Global supply chains are a sum of moving parts, orchestrated by teams of people and supply chain partners. There are no quick fixes in the cold chain; only structured, collaborative approaches.

Leading Minds Seminars bring together serious-minded practitioners to solve very real, very challenging operational hurdles in the pharmaceutical cold chain. Learning from your peers in other pharma companies, ensures you’re on track, implementing the right, most cost-effective best practices.

All pharmaceutical manufacturers are invited, complimentary (no fee) attendance. Teams welcome.

Unique FUELS Format
LMS programs are 65% discussion based. Think industry retreat. Not paintball or karaoke. Instead bringing together the best minds from pharmaceutical manufacturers to solve business critical issues, in a fun collaborative learning environment.

Fusion of
Experiences in
Logistics and

No press, no sponsorships, only further FUELS an open dialogue, no pressure, relaxed environment.

ELPRO User Group Meeting program
The ELPRO User Group will shift modes from last year’s NJ User Group, and fully adopt the Leading Minds FUELS format of collaborative learning for 2017. Come prepared to discuss and visit sending site and receiving site "stations", to understand different processes and technology available at each step in the supply chain. Each supply chain step will include small group discussions and comparison of individual company approaches; with an outlook to future ELPRO innovations.

Download the ELPRO User Group Meeting program from the past Leading Minds Seminar on November 7-8, 2017 here.

Leading Minds Seminar 2016
The first two editions of LMS included 60+ attendees from pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations. Read session highlights, hot topics and see photos from of LMS 2016 in this post event report Including speakers from the MHRA, Merck, Biogen, AbbVie, and more. Past attendees said:

«I took away ideas on central data base for stability data supporting distribution and immediate knowledge of the temps seen in distribution. All in one place to answer those excursion question immediately.»

«I gained more information in this free session than I have at any of the paid sessions. I was there to listen to others and come away with some new ideas and/or perspectives.»

Seminar hosted by:

ELPRO and Softbox have been involved in developing cold chain systems for decades. Applying our extensive experience, we want to facilitate the right discussions, between the right supply chain partners to ensure successful business outcomes now, and for the long term. Tradeshows serve a purpose, but sometimes you need more than ‘information overload’. Rather you need a focused group of people, concentrating on developing a detailed, systematic process approach to find the complete solution that you need.

For over 30 years, ELPRO is widely recognized as the global knowledge leader in innovative, Swiss engineered environmental monitoring solutions and data loggers for pharma, healthcare and life science. ELPRO partners with clients to develop solutions that integrate ELPROs high-quality measurement components into their business processes. Clients include biotechs, diagnostic manufacturers, and the top 20 pharma companies. As the inventor of the LIBERO PDF Logger, ELPRO solutions have the lowest total cost of ownership and assist pharmaceutical and healthcare companies around the world preserve and manage stability budgets and simplify their cold chain by reducing manual work, resulting in quicker release times.

Softbox Systems is an award winning Cold Chain packaging innovator with over 20 year history and manufacturing sites in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific. It has annualised revenues of $40m and it’s backed by private equity group Great Point Partners. We strategically supply to the world’s leading pharmaceuticals and logistics companies, and understand the challenges these companies have to transport temperature sensitive cargos where every gram and litre needs to be carefully packed, secured, monitored and protected. Softbox Systems designs and develops highly innovative temperature control packaging solutions, and relentlessly applies fresh thinking to the challenges of Cold Chain global supply management – both inside and outside the box.