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ELPRO Corona Virus Task Force Issues Employee Precautions

Authors Group
Authors Group

Philip Osl | Bjoern Niggemann

ELPRO Precautions – Corona Virus

Group News

20 Oct 2020

ELPRO's Task Force provides ongoing information about the ELPRO Business Continuity Plan. As part of the global biopharmaceutical community, we regard health and safety concerns as a top priority for our employees and customers.

The precautions taken include the suspension of travel and the restriction of supplier visits until further notice as well as the strengthening of employee health and safety measures.

ELPRO remains vigilant carrying out global business. We are checking the supply chain for components and materials sourced from affected regions in case some supplies might be disrupted due to factory closures. Nevertheless, ELPRO has a strong business contingency plan in place and thus stock of material has been built to ensure delivery reliability. At this stage, there is no reason to worry about any shortages in product supply from ELPRO in any country.


You can find detailed information here in our update of the official company release:

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact:

Björn Niggemann
Chief Quality Officer
Occupational Health and Safety Manager
+41 81 552 08 85