Off-Site Service

In addition to ELPRO On-Site Service offering (ELPRO On-Site Service team installs, calibrates and maintains installations and equipment at the customer site) we also offer Off-Site service (i.e. maintenance, replacement and calibration of mobile devices at ELPRO). We have designed our off-site service due to customer demand for further support of their processes when they found their own resources constrained. Let us keep you on track with your core business while we maintain your monitoring devices.

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Incoming return

The ELPRO Off-Site Service offer absolute certainty about the accuracy and quality of your serviced temperature and humidity measuring instruments.

Check-up mandatory

All-around check-up of the submitted data logger with check list.

Temporary replacement data logger, exchange rate

Temporary replacement data loggers to ensure complete chain of data record.


Specific repair and required calibration with certificate.

Data recovery

Data recovery delivers PDF report with a possible interpretation of the data. ELPRO gives no guarantee about success of data recovery.

Warranty, accomodation & 8D report

Clear warranty regulation, including a customer friendly accommodation solution, with an 8D report as transparent claim evidence.

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