GMP Services

Taking the sting out of audits. GDP / GMP compliance of facilities and equipment is a must. With our expertise and our modular tool set we assist in achieving compliance for storage facilities, equipment and transportation processes.

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Quality assurance

Quality assurance throughout the distribution of pharmaceuticals is essential for product quality and therefore an integral part of cGxP regulations. ELPRO's GMP Services assist you in ensuring compliance of your equipment and processes.


Storage facilities

Different storage facilities and distribution processes require different qualification approaches. The ELPRO qualification system is designed to be modular, allowing you to pick and choose only the qualification module required.

GMP Services

ELPRO's GMP Services offer a comprehensive service package for a complete qualification of pharmaceutical storage units, including an assessment of the risk involved in the storage process, working through the different qualification steps from DQ to PQ and writing the final report. 

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