Cold Chain, basic setup

Monitor your cold chain without the need for software installation. Use ready-to-start data loggers or apply pre-defined temperature profiles to the data logger before use. At the destination the data logger automatically creates a PDF report summarizing temperature exposure during shipment.

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No software to send

  • Use preconfigured PDF Loggers or apply a predefined profile to generic logger
  • Keep one logger type on stock for any temperature requirement and task
  • No risk of using expired PDF Loggers (auto expiry date management)

PDF Loggers for any application

  • PDF Loggers and PDF Indicator
  • Various alarm options (multi-level, MKT, time)
  • Traceable with ID no.

No software to receive

  • Intuitive handling: stop logger, view display for OK or ALARM indicator 
  • Retrieve PDF report upon USB connection
  • No software, no equipment required
  • Immediate release based on OK or ALARM indicator
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