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For anyone handling or sorting healthcare products who needs a GMP-compliant central warehouse monitoring system ─ a wireless and simply installation, flawless operation with automated reporting and alarm messaging.

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The ECOLOG-NET wireless sensor system is comprised of the LR8 data logger and application-based transmitters.

  • Number of channels: 8
  • Frequency range: EU: 433 MHz / 868 MHz (configurable) and US: 915 MHz

Wireless sensor RTH1i & RTH1e

  • Combined temperature and humidity probe
  • Measurement range
    -30 °C..+55 °C;
    0% RH..100% RH
  • High accuracy
  • Frequencies: EU: 433 MHz / 868 MHz (configurable) US: 915 MHz

Alarm functions

Level 1: Local alarm directly on the data logger
Each ECOLOG-NET data logger has a local audible / visual alarm and can be connected directly to external devices such as alarm beacons or telephone dialers. There is no software required for this alarm functionality.

Level 2: Central alarms
The elproLOG MONITOR software offers multiple alarm forwarding options:

  • By e-mail
  • By phone (with alarm interface and automatic telephone dialing unit)
  • By external alarm systems (with alarm interface)
  • By SMS (with SMS modem).

Wireless sensor RT1e & RT2e

  • 1 / 2 external, temperature
  • Pt100 measuring probes
  • Measurement range
  • High accuracy
  • Battery life up to 5 years

Simple and compliant system design

The ELPRO Central Monitoring System collects and stores data reliably and safely, making it available on your existing LAN network. The system is comprised of multifunctional components – sensors, data loggers and monitoring software. Accurate sensors measure values while data loggers record data and automatically trigger alarms. The alarms are forwarded through the LAN network to the monitoring software. The corresponding monitoring software saves and documents the data, which can then be accessed from all PCs in the network.

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