Cleanroom, central

A central monitoring system for cleanrooms that addresses all application-specific challenges ─ monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure, pressure differential, counting particles and complying with equipment requirements for cleanliness.

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Data loggers with 4..20 mA capability

The ECOLOG-NET family of data loggers is designed to accommodate unique applications such as cleanrooms.
The ECOLOG-NET LA8 data loggers integrate most transmitters with a standard 4..20 mA output. So the data loggers can be placed in an enclosure in the technical zone outside of the clean room for easy access for maintenance and calibration.

elproLOG MONITOR-WebAccess

Offers a simple and efficient way to create your own individual «information cockpit» for your Central Monitoring System.
You can see one or several systems in parallel, with various reporting options and flexible design features. elproLOG MONITOR-WebAccess is available as on-site software or as a «cloud-based» online service.


Checking devices

Accurate sensors measure values while data loggers record data and automatically trigger alarms.

  • Refrigerators:
    +2 °C..+8 °C
  • Freezers: -20 °C
  • ULT freezers: -80 °C
  • LN2 tanks: -196 °C
  • Stability chambers:
    +37 °C, 65% RH
  • Incubators: +37 °C,
    10 % CO2

Cleanroom instrumentation panels

Gives you local access control before entering the cleanroom. For example, to examine the differential pressure.


Particle concentration

Monitoring of laminar flow, particle count from 0.5 µm to 5 µm and air velocity.


  • Practical tools for compiling audit-ready reports showing, data, graphical notations, alarms, and full event / action audit trail
  • Automatically send reports to user-defined email addresses
  • Sensor-specific reports

Alarm functions

Level 1: Local alarm directly on the data logger
Each ECOLOG-NET data logger has a local audible / visual alarm and can be connected directly to external devices such as alarm beacons or telephone dialers. There is no software required for this alarm functionality.

Level 2: Central alarms
The elproLOG MONITOR software offers multiple alarm forwarding options:

  • By e-mail
  • By phone (with alarm interface and automatic telephone dialing unit)
  • By external alarm systems (with alarm interface)
  • By SMS (with SMS modem)
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Sample Kit

Every project is different. We have listed all required items for a typical application.


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