About the Company

Who We Are

ELPRO is a leading Swiss manufacturer of innovative monitoring solutions and data loggers for documenting environmental conditions in production facilities, warehouses and the cold chain. We partner with our clients to develop solutions that integrate our high-quality measurement components into their business processes.

Excellence in Technology and Service
Our success is due to several factors. As an innovative company that was founded in 1986, we draw upon a wealth of experience. Our highly qualified employees and their vast pool of knowledge form the foundation of our company. Additionally, we are consistently dedicated to quality, which resonates throughout all facets of our operation – service, technology and customer support.

What We Do

We provide innovative solutions for monitoring environmental conditions throughout the perishable goods supply chain. The monitoring process consists of measuring, recording and managing data. Then, based on the stability criteria, the data is assessed for release or alarm. Our solutions result in the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers while ensuring compliance and maximum efficiency. The main industries we serve are in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, but our products are also used in many other fields, such as the environmental management, biobanking & life sciences and the food industries. For these industries we provide solutions for laboratory, production, storage and transportation through to the end user.

Focus on Customers and Quality

Customer Focus and Quality Responsibility
Our ultimate goal is to constantly improve the market and customer orientation. We feel that by employing enthusiastic and motivated professionals, the passion for our products is transferred to the customer. Our demand for quality refers not only to our products, but also to our approach towards employees, customers and suppliers. With a desire for excellence, we adhere to the ISO 9000 / 17025 guidelines and the GMP / GLP requirements for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Milestones

Founded in 1986, ELPRO began as a small engineering company and has accomplished many milestones. In 1989, the first temperature data logger, the HAMSTER, was introduced to the food industry. In later years, additional data loggers such as the ECOLOG Series, and the Central Monitoring System, newly named as Monitoring Solutions for Rooms & Equipment were added to the product lines. In 2007, the invention of the LIBERO PDF Logger marked a milestone for cold chain management as it became the new pharmaceutical industry standard. To accompany our loggers, state-of-the-art user-friendly data analysis and management software was introduced as elproLOG, elproVIEWER and liberoMANAGER with wide industry acceptance. Founder Alois Bischof notes that he is overwhelmingly proud of the strides ELPRO has made, from launching its first set of products to becoming an international player with 230 employees in various subsidiaries with global ISO 9001:2015 certification worldwide.