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Compliance and peace of mind.

Monitoring solutions for R&D and production facilities. The most diverse line of solutions to fit every life science application. From closed to cloud; wired or wireless, your entire project management complete to a qualified system – ELPRO has you covered.

Laboratory Research

Your work in research drives innovation in healthcare. Your dedication and resilience to reliable, repeatable results also drives us to provide you with the same.

ELPRO helps protect your priceless research samples with a solution that also meets GLP standards. From ultra-low freezers to CO2 incubators and LN2 tanks, we have you covered – measuring temperature, humidity, differential pressure, carbon dioxide, oxygen, light and door openings.

In fact, prestigious universities and research centers worldwide choose ELPRO because we offer flexible, easy to use and scalable solutions for all critical rooms and equipment. It doesn’t matter if your rooms and equipment are located in one building or many buildings worldwide, you can stay connected with ELPRO. Get warning and alarms sent to email, texts or other systems or centers. Flexible user management means always making sure the right person easily gets the information they need at the right time.

Learn more about ECOLOG’s Connected Monitoring Solutions for Rooms and Equipment.

GMP Production

Documenting compliance in GMP cleanrooms and production facilities can take significant hours to generate reports, prepare for audits and create deviation reports.

ELPRO’s central monitoring solutions have been designed and validated specifically to meet GMP requirements, while at the same time offer extreme flexibility for dynamic environments. Being able to choose from wired, wireless or a hybrid set up allows you to choose to monitor securely with hardwired, or the mobility of wireless. Adaptable to fit your needs.

Learn more about our closed loop IT solution ECOLOG Plug&Play designed for GMP.

Due to the ELPRO system, in just two years we have been able to prevent losing $2.5M of frozen research materials and samples. We are very happy with this return on our investment.

US Research University


The storage and transportation of biological samples used in research must fulfill the highest requirements for uninterrupted temperature control.

Often stored in ultra-low temperature freezers or liquid nitrogen vessels, monitoring systems are critical to guaranteeing product integrity over many years.

ELPRO offers wired, wireless or a hybrid set up to offer security and flexibility to any biorepository storage facility. When shipping these highly-sensitive materials, temperature control is critical.

Read more about transport of cryogenic materials.


Data your way, or our way. Either way, it’s still your data.

Your data is critical to compliance and effective operations. GMP applications are at the core of ELPRO solutions.

We offer unmatched peace of mind for years to come. Our installations are qualified and the solution is validated and long-lasting, providing uninterrupted data that cannot be manipulated.

No matter what, you own the data.

Data can be hosted on your server or ELPRO can host it on the cloud. You can have a fully compliant central monitoring system without much IT involvement

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The Partnership starts with the Project

ELPRO sets itself apart from other monitoring suppliers.

By the pure fact that our solution engineers and Project Managers ensure your project meets timelines, aligns key stakeholders, and ultimately installs a completely validated system.

ELPRO’s Project Management teams are dedicated to you, for small installations to large, multiple rooms, sites and facilities. Rest assured. We’ve got you covered. Fully compliant and validated.

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