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ELPRO offers peace of mind that medicines are safe to give to patients. Trust us for high quality monitoring solutions that are easy to use and flexible to meet your needs.


One simple solution for your entire hospital network.

Hospital facilities can vary in size from a few refrigerators and laboratories; to thousands of fridges, freezers, cleanrooms and other equipment that make up your doctor’s offices, pharmacy and laboratories.

Having one monitoring system across multiple hospital rooms and equipment provides a platform for compliant documentation, while notifying proper personnel in the event of an alarm – preventing problems before they happen.

For research hospitals, protecting irreplaceable samples is business critical.

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ELPRO Cloud—Simple, compliant environmental monitoring for fridges, freezers and drug storage areas.

The new ELPRO Cloud is a perfect GxP-complaint, self-validating, temperature data monitoring solution for hospitals, clinics, labs, and medical research facilities. Save time and gain efficiency by digitally monitoring and remotely managing your temperature data. Generate reports with ease and be ready for your next audit with ELPRO Cloud.


Clinical Sites

Patient care at the core.

Whether your clinic provides vaccinations or operates a clinical trial – the medications you provide are life changing for your patients. These medications are temperature sensitive, and they are often times expensive and difficult to come by.

Ensure vital protection of medications by having the right monitoring system in place. The LIBERO W INDEPENDENT Monitoring solution is trusted by clinics worldwide. Simple to install, ready to use out of the box. Offers all the assurance you need with easy to read local audio/visual alarming and quick analysis tools allows you to react quickly in the event of an excursion.

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Environmental monitoring plays an essential role in ensuring drug efficacy and patient safety.

The time, frustration and risk it takes to record temperatures manually can really hinder daily activities. Leaving you with less time for your patients.

Don't get lost in paperwork investigating a refrigerator excursion. Turn to Independent Monitoring that is self-powered and does not need internet. Learn more about LIBERO W that offers automatic 'hands-free' reporting and uninterrupted data. 100% compliance for pharmacies.

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It has enabled many ill patients to receive much needed medication which would otherwise have had to be discarded had I not been able to demonstrate the precise excursion parameters that proved safety. Our patients, physicians and certainly the pharmaceutical company are very thankful!

Clinical Coordinator, Medical Center

Do you need to qualify or map your refrigerators or storage areas?

ELPRO offers complete project design and management services for your healthcare facilities.

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