ELPRO Precautions – Corona Virus

Group News 20 Oct 2020

ELPRO's Task Force provides ongoing information about the ELPRO Business Continuity Plan. As part of the global biopharmaceutical community, we regard health and safety concerns as a top priority for our employees and customers.


Philipp Osl Named New CEO of ELPRO Group

Group News 01 Sep 2020

Philipp Osl has been appointed the new CEO of ELPRO-BUCHS AG (and ELPRO Group), a leading global provider of environmental monitoring solutions serving the pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare industries. He will officially begin that role on September 1, the company has announced.


ELPRO's Mobile IoT solution sets new standard for real-time visibility and security of pharmaceutical products

Group News 11 Jun 2020

International supply chains present signicant challenges to temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. Many sites, depots, partners and subcontractors add complexity for the product owner to know where their high-value and high-risk shipment is, and what condition it’s in. Instead of worry and wait, pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly using real-time visibility solutions to have complete confidence to know the products are safe and in-route as planned.

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