• The elproVIEWER software allows presenting the embedded data of a LIBERO PDF file as well as performing detailed analysis and creating powerful documentation of the measured values. Data can easily be visualized in a graphical or tabular form:
    - Import one PDF report
    - Zoom / select monitoring period
    - Add marker points and comments
    - Print report
Part no 800034 Professional Version
elproVIEWER – Professional Version
elproVIEWER is used for analyzing and processing of data embedded in the PDF file, e.g. recorded temperature measurements. All data can easily be visualized in a graphic or tabular form. The «professional version» is subject to a license fee and includes the following functionalities and report capabilities:
  • Deviation reporting: import one or several LIBERO PDF reports, zoom / select, add marker points, add comments, print reports
  • Assessment: Transport data has regularly to be assessed in retrospect – be it because temperature guidelines have not been met or stop time of temperature monitor did not match arrival time of the goods. Another assessment application is a consolidated shipment in which one data logger monitored various products having different stability data. The assessment feature of elproVIEWER allows assessing each product with its own alarming profile or its stability data. The built-in assessment report that resembles the original LIBERO report can be used as release document. Since elproVIEWER is capable of processing multiple files in one pass and of automatically generating reports (PDF format), the assessment feature brings extra productivity into the release process. The assess reports can also be archived in liberoMANAGER – ELPRO’s database for LIBERO PDF reports.
  • Overlay: elproVIEWER Professional can overlay up to 100 LIBERO PDF reports. The measured values are presented in a graphical and tabular view. For better visibility, single curves can be highlighted or added / removed from an overlaid picture. Time axis can be real time or comparative time (overlay). This allows the user e.g. to establish an overview and compare all shipments from A to B during one year.
  • Join: The «Join» functionality allows combining temperature data of up to 16 LIBERO PDF reports, e.g. to calculate the life-cycle stability of a batch or to determine the annual MKT. elproVIEWER automatically calculates the statistics over the life cycle or the entire year and outputs the result in a joint report.
  • Joint Assessment: With a joint assessment, it is possible to combine the individual stability budget of single transport sections of a batch to one stability budget over the whole supply chain. Like this, unspent stability budget of former transports can be taken into consideration for judging a current alarm case. The Joint Assessment report can be attached to the original report in liberoMANAGER.

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